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DIYApril 7, 2022

Feltmag Stories for The Bright Bazaar

Tiny house lovers, meet Tikku. A super sleek, multi level tiny apartment that currently lives in a bustling Helsinki square, where it only takes up..

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DIYMarch 26, 2022

Feltmag Stories: Julie Tonnet Intimate Interior Portraits

We believe this one-room apartment in Sweden restores hope on decorating small spaces; with little effort, you can truly do magic. The integrated kitchen units in black provide an interesting contrast with the white walls.

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PeopleJanuary 19, 2022

Feltmag Stories: Waiting on Clara

We love how everything was kept simple, with the plywood surfaces adding a warm feel against the walls painted in a warm and vivid white.

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DIYDecember 21, 2021

Anna Carey · In Search of Rainglow

Sofas and sectionals are streamlined, with narrow arms and storage in unexpected places, best-selling and well-priced SoMa Sleeper converts quickly into a small space bed.

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