What Type Of Crime You Would Commit, Based On Your Zodiac

If there were no laws, or at least no consequences, how many of us would really behave virtuously? Every human is capable of both good and evil. Right now we’re going to focus on the evil and we’re going to pinpoint which crime fits which sign. Is it Mr. Leo in the ballroom with a lead pipe? Or was Professor Aquarius in on it, too! Based on your sign’s characteristics and general personality traits, this is what you would get arrested for if you took a walk on the wild side. Of course, we don’t advise that you actually commit any of these crimes. Pure speculation, no judgement… Scorpio…


1. Pisces. Pisces is the fiery, passionate type, so it would only make sense that you would commit a crime with literal fire. You’re attracted to the thrill of arson and the heat of the flames. You’re the kind of person who makes big statements, so this crime is just right for you.


2. Virgo. You’re a perfectionist, Virgo. If you were to commit a crime, you would definitely pull a Black Swan. You would either kill someone else out of envy or kill yourself for not being the best. Either way, it would be dramatic down to the last detail.


3. Libra. Libras typically end up in positions that involve the law, social justice, or activism. If you’re going to go to jail for something, it’s going to be for making a statement. You would likely get arrested for committing a crime while rioting.


4. Cancer. Cancer, you would do anything for friends and family. If you were driven to commit a crime, it would be in the name of someone you loved, whether it be out of protection, revenge, or rage at being betrayed.


5. Sagittarius. Sagittarius would steal a car and go joy-riding. You’re a fun-loving sign who is up for pretty much anything. You’re always looking for the next thrill and you’re pretty confident you won’t get caught.


6. Taurus. Taurus is a sucker for material goods. Naturally, you would be a kleptomaniac. Anything and everything you could get your hands on would be yours. You would want only the finest for yourself and you wouldn’t stop until someone put you behind bars.


7. Gemini. Gemini is a social creature who is often restless. You like to jump from thing to thing and you need constant stimulation. Sounds like a druggie to us! If you were to commit a crime, you’d definitely do lots of illegal drugs, but you’d also probably be smart enough to deal and get your cut.


8. Capricorn. You can be hardheaded, capricorn. You’re a softy when people get to know you, but you can be stubborn, arrogant, and condescending. You’re likely to get into a serious fight and get arrested for assault and battery


9. Leo. You like to take charge, Leo, and you certainly don’t like to get left behind. For you, the top is the only place to be. What that means is money, money, money. You’d likely commit some kind of fraud that would result in you becoming filthy rich.


10. Aries. You’re a natural leader, aries. You’re strong, ambitious, and love giving orders. You invest yourself in your work and you always come out with a good amount of money in the end. Power, drive, money – you’d be a mob boss. You might have to order some hits, but you’re OK with that.


11. Scorpio. You’re not afraid of hard work, Scorpio, but you’d rather not get your hands dirty if you don’t have to. It’s not a good look, mixing business and pleasure. Besides, if you want to kill someone you know you’re likely to get caught. Therefore, you would probably hire a hitman to do it for you.


12. Aquarius. You’re smart, you’re conniving, and you’re strategic. You’re a total visionary, even though you can be on the quiet side sometimes. What does that mean? Sounds like a serial killer to us! You’re absolutely deranged but no one can say you’re stupid.

Source: Rebel Circus