What A $300,000 Home Looks Like Around The Globe

When Reddit user Somuch101 asked ‘What does a $300,000 house look like where you are from?,’ he didn’t expect to create so much buzz and conversation around the topic.

Although this is a pretty large sum of money, let’s put it into perspective and say what you CAN’T afford with this amount:

  • An airplane
  • The Mona Lisa
  • A Lamborghini

The list below is a photo tour of the responses Somuch101 got after asking the question. It’s interesting to see how house prices range around the world.

It is pretty clear that depending on where you live, $300,000 can get you either a castle or a closet. You’ll see that in some countries, you’ll find a brand new home with granite countertops; and in others you’ll see an outdated studio apartment with depressing windows.

Mäntyharju, Finland –$298,530
Location: The shores of Lake Kallavesi

  • Log cabin with fireplace
  • A large terrace
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, and living room
  • A sauna
  • A detached garage


Santorini, Greece — $288,545
Location: The village of Emborio

  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen and dining room, a separate shower
  • Views of the Aegean Sea and the mountain of Elijah the Prophet
  • Great for those who Cycladic architecture


Bali, Indonesia — $273,000
Location: Umalas

  • *3 en-suite bedrooms, an open kitchen and living room
  • *A swimming pool
  • *A tropical climate
  • *In a quiet area of the island


Los Angeles, USA — $300,000
Location: Zamora Avenue

  • A living room, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
  • Parking space


Olivia, Spain — $294,090
Location: San Pere

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen
  • A living room with a fireplace
  • An interior built in the Mediterranean style
  • A garage with room for one car
  • 4 parking spaces


Bar, Montenegro — $305,190
Location: Close to the beach and the city center

  • 3 floors, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and dining room
  • A living room with a large terrace and panoramic views
  • A terrace on the roof
  • A garden, a swimming pool, parking spaces


Lezzeno, Italy — $270,000
Location: The shores of Lake Como

  • A studio apartment
  • A terrace with views of the lake, the mountains, and Isola Comacina island
  • Interior decoration made from natural stone and wood
  • A swimming pool and grassy area


Natal, Brazil — $304,255
Location: Rio Grande do Norte

  • 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 other rooms
  • A TV room and a study
  • Located in a closed community of 16 homes
  • An area for barbecues



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H/T: Providr