You think it’s a photo? Look closer for more than 4 seconds and you won’t believe your eyes!

Millions and millions of people can’t stop admiring Australian Joel Rea’s creative works. His pictures reflect reality in a very literal meaning of the word. Each and every one of his masterpieces fully absorbs you into a different world – the world of creativity and imagination of this genius. See for yourself. During the first couple of seconds you will still believe that are you looking at photographs. 


Let me introduce you to Joel Rea in progress. Every detail is important…



The people painted by Joel look very realistic… Every cell of a human’s body is painted out with incredible preciseness. 

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Look at this piece: it feels like you are also there, in the depth, swimming after her… 


Here is our favourite actor! 


A human and his interaction with elemental force – one of the main themes of the painter’s work. 

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Earth and sky, like freedom or truth, covered by someone’s stone heart… Very philosophical…


This huge wave is frozen in time, obeying the brush of the master. 

11 12

Leave all thoughts behind. Dip into an incredible world of this parallel reality. 

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Even in today’s world genius artists exist. „Salvador Dali is my idol“, – says Joel. Had he seen these works, the great master would have probably been extremely proud of his Australian follower. 

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Source: Joel Rea Via