5 Things Your Sleeping Position Says About You (And Your Health)


If you are someone who likes to sleep in a specific position, and sleeping in any other way directly means no sleep at all to you, then worry not, you are not alone. There are many other women who are just like you. Wanting us to count the numbers? Every single one on this planet. However, your sleeping position also says a lot about you whether you sleep straight or relaxed as a baby, it reveals your secrets, let us tell you what.


#1 Sleeping Freefall.

Happy woman laying on bed

You are a person having a welcoming personality if you nap on your stomach with your hands tucked under your pillow. But, you can be really sensitive sometimes.

#2 You Have To Hug Something?


Need something to hug when sleeping? You are trusting and a little bit TOO open with others. You are also a trustworthy friend.

#3 Sleeping Like A Straight Board.


This position implies that you are a very quite and reserved person. You also think highly of yourself which by the way is a great trait.

#4 Side Logger.


You’re a calm as well as a trusting person, a little bit too trusting if we say so.

#5 The snorer.


You get irritated a lot, maybe because you don’t get a lot of sleep.


H/T: Witty Feed